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Seton Hall Preview

Game 26: Saturday, Feb. 15th 7:00 pm

Opponent: Seton Hall

Site: Prudential Center

Location: Newark, NJ

Records: SH: 15-9, 5-7; CU: 21-4, 8-4

Creighton heads out to New Jersey to take on Seton Hall on Wednesday night. The Jays come into the game tied for second place in the Big East with Xavier and two games back up Villanova for first. First place is probably out of reach but the Jays need to keep winning to stay in second and on the opposite side of the conference tournament bracket from Villanova.

The talk of the week centered around Creighton being just on the outside looking in for a top four seed when the NCAA announced their projected seed lines on Saturday. The Jays appear to be next in line for a top four seed if they can rack up a few more wins in the post-Watson era.

What you need to know: There are two key differences in the second match up between Seton Hall and Creighton. First, the obvious that Maurice Watson is gone, thats not news. What some people might not remember is that Zach Hanson was not available in the first meeting and is back for Wednesday's game. This is a key in the way Creighton will be able to guard Seton Hall's star big man, Angel Delgado, especially if Justin Patton gets in foul trouble.

Either way, Hanson gives Creighton a bigger body at the center position which might allow the Jays to guard Delgado without sending help.

What you don't need to know: One of the first things people thing of when they think of New Jersey, is Bruce Springsteen. Well The Boss has a direct connection to Seton Hall as the drummer of his E Street Band, Max Weinberg, is a Seton Hall alum.